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Protecting Your Windshield from Hail

Your windshield + hailstorm = not love. And if you count yourself among those who are not the happy owners of a garage, then the bad weather might give you serious headaches.

Ideally, the car should stay in a garage or at least under a cover, to be protected from some of the most damaging factors. Unfortunately, this is not possible for everyone, so if the car is parked in random places outside, it may become necessary to take other protective measures, especially if a hailstorm is on its way.

You might think that a good solution would be to put your car under trees. Although their branches and foliage may offer some protection against the hailstones, they may also break and fall on the car. In this case the damage will be much greater than if the car had been hit only by hail.

What do you do, however, to protect your car?

If the car is parked in an open area, you should protect it with a special cover that you can purchase from specialized stores. However, if you do not have such a cover, regular blankets will do. The blankets will have to cover the windshield, the top of the car, the hood, the rear window and the trunk lid, so all areas with maximum exposure. Depending on the position of the car, other areas (side doors or side windows) could also be exposed.

A special protective cover or blankets will do a good job protecting your car, because they cushion the hailstones that fall from the sky and may break the glass elements or bend the car`s body, ruining its appearance.

Hail damage is not easy to repair and typically costs a lot of money. It is good to have insurance for such events, but repairs will block your car for a few days in service, so… be prepared for these inconveniences!

if your auto windshield has been damaged, call windshield replacement Bennett service technicians

If your windshield has been damaged by hailstones, its repair or replacement (depending on the severity of the damage) is absolutely necessary, in the shortest time, because driving with a broken windshield is a very high risk and it is not legal either. Contact windshield replacement Bennett service technicians for quality repair or replacement services.

The windshield is more than just the main window of your car; it is an important part in its overall protection. It is constructed of 2 layers of glass and a layer of plastic material between them, being designed to keep passengers in safe conditions, protected from wind, rain and bad weather in general. Even a small crack in the windshield can affect its integrity, because it spreads quickly and has the potential to break any moment, which can put the passengers in great danger.

You must correctly assess the damage to the windshield at a specialized service workshop. A repair of the crack obviously costs much less than a replacement of the entire windshield, so do not postpone it until it is too late. Normally, the repair can be done if the crack is less than 12 cm in length, or with the diameter less than an average coin. When the damage is more extensive or interferes with your visibility, you do not have to drive the car anymore until you fix it.


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Why Does My Car Have a Catalytic Converter and What Is the Role of the Unit?

Talking With An Automobile Mechanic

If you have been told by your mechanic that the problems you have been noticing lately are caused by the catalytic converter, you probably ask yourself the question “why does my car have a catalytic converter?” Why can it not go without it? Here are some details about the role of catalytic converters and why they are essential components in your car.

What Does a Catalytic Converter Do?

Catalytic converters are components of the car’s exhaust system that use various sensors to analyse the composition of the gases produced by the engine while burning fuel and other components to transform the noxious gases into less harmful chemicals that can be exhausted safely, without polluting the environment. The types of polluting gases that catalytic converters process are oxides of nitrogen, water vapour and hydrocarbons, all broken down prior to leaving the car’s exhaust system.

The first catalytic converter was invented in the 1930’s, but it did not become widespread until the 1970’s, when emission control regulations started to become more stringent and new technologies were needed to allow car makers to meet the new requirements. In the US, all cars manufactured after 1975 are required to have a catalytic converter and all modern cars in the world that use electronic fuel systems instead of carburettors are fitted with catalytic converters today. It is illegal to replace the exhaust system of a car that has a catalytic converter with a straight exhaust line that has no converter unit – though the process may add a few horses to the power of the car engine, the bypassing of the converter would increase noxious emissions to an unacceptable level and would also have a negative impact on the longevity of the car’s exhaust system as well on the life expectancy of the engine.  To find Denver catalytic converters technicians just visit a local mechanic shop, almost every mechanic is well trained in their operation.

The Components and the Placement of the Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters have the following parts:

  • The catalyst support – made from ceramic material or metallic foil and featuring a honeycomb structure, the support is the part to which the catalyst is fixed;
  • The washcoat – this part is made from aluminium oxide, silicone dioxide or titanium dioxide and it plays the role of filtering the chemicals that reach into the converter;
  • Ceria – this component is added to promote the storage of oxygen;
  • The catalyst itself that has the role of processing the noxious gases in the presence of a precious metal, such as platinum, rhodium or other types.

Catalytic converters are located inside the car’s exhaust system, usually in a part of the exhaust manifold underneath the vehicle, maintaining a certain distance from the engine to ensure that the catalytic converter functions in the temperature range that is optimal for the chemical processes it is responsible for.


To answer your question “why does my car have a catalytic converter”, here is the short version of the answer: because modern cars cannot exist without their catalytic converters, because it is mandatory and because the catalytic converter is necessary for making sure that you can operate your car in a sustainable and responsible manner, without harming the natural environment.


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How to Choose a Driving School in Orange County

masterdrive vehicleChoosing a driving school in Orange County is no easy task – not because good driving schools are hard to find in the area, but on the contrary, because there are so many excellent course providers that evaluating them is a daunting task. If you are currently in the process of evaluating local driving schools, here are a few tips to help you.

Your Priorities

To be able to evaluate a local driving school in Orange County, you need to determine your own priorities first:

  • How much time you can spend attending in-classroom training – many schools nowadays provide not only in-class training, but also the option to use online training materials to prepare for the written test;
  • The instructor – the relationship with your instructor needs to be a relationship based on trust, so it is very important to feel comfortable during the lessons, especially while on the road. For example, if you prefer to learn from a female instructor, look for a school that provides that option. Try to find out whether the school you have in mind works with instructions who are pedagogically qualified for teaching – remember that almost everyone can obtain a driving license, but not everyone is able to teach driving efficiently;
  • Flexible scheduling – if your life is busy and hectic, you need a training schedule that is able to accommodate the changes that you require;
  • Proximity – it is a good idea to choose a driving school that is located in your neighborhood to avoid having to spend a long time commuting to and from the driving school, especially if you choose presence learning;
  • Preferences related to the training vehicle – if the car you will be driving after you obtain your license is an automatic, make sure that the training vehicle is an automatic as well.

What to Look for When Evaluating the School

The best driving school for you is certainly the one that meets all the above expectations, but there are a few more aspects that you need to pay attention to in terms of the institution as such as well. Choose a school that carries the necessary certificates and accreditations to provide driving courses and also check the profiles of the driving instructors to find out whether they carry all the necessary licenses and insurances. It is a good idea to check the school’s reputation as well – you can find evaluations on review websites and you can check the school on the Better Business Bureau website as well, to see whether there have been any complaints filed against them or whether they have ever had their licenses revoked in the past.

The quality of the training fleet is also important – try to find out as much as you can about the vehicles used in the training process as well as about access to special equipment such as vehicles that can simulate slippery road conditions.

Think about the aspects above and try to choose your driving school in Orange County based on these criteria – you need proper training if you are to become a good driver, so don’t put up with anything less than the best.


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