Protecting Your Windshield from Hail

Your windshield + hailstorm = not love. And if you count yourself among those who are not the happy owners of a garage, then the bad weather might give you serious headaches.

Ideally, the car should stay in a garage or at least under a cover, to be protected from some of the most damaging factors. Unfortunately, this is not possible for everyone, so if the car is parked in random places outside, it may become necessary to take other protective measures, especially if a hailstorm is on its way.

You might think that a good solution would be to put your car under trees. Although their branches and foliage may offer some protection against the hailstones, they may also break and fall on the car. In this case the damage will be much greater than if the car had been hit only by hail.

What do you do, however, to protect your car?

If the car is parked in an open area, you should protect it with a special cover that you can purchase from specialized stores. However, if you do not have such a cover, regular blankets will do. The blankets will have to cover the windshield, the top of the car, the hood, the rear window and the trunk lid, so all areas with maximum exposure. Depending on the position of the car, other areas (side doors or side windows) could also be exposed.

A special protective cover or blankets will do a good job protecting your car, because they cushion the hailstones that fall from the sky and may break the glass elements or bend the car`s body, ruining its appearance.

Hail damage is not easy to repair and typically costs a lot of money. It is good to have insurance for such events, but repairs will block your car for a few days in service, so… be prepared for these inconveniences!

if your auto windshield has been damaged, call windshield replacement Bennett service technicians

If your windshield has been damaged by hailstones, its repair or replacement (depending on the severity of the damage) is absolutely necessary, in the shortest time, because driving with a broken windshield is a very high risk and it is not legal either. Contact windshield replacement Bennett service technicians for quality repair or replacement services.

The windshield is more than just the main window of your car; it is an important part in its overall protection. It is constructed of 2 layers of glass and a layer of plastic material between them, being designed to keep passengers in safe conditions, protected from wind, rain and bad weather in general. Even a small crack in the windshield can affect its integrity, because it spreads quickly and has the potential to break any moment, which can put the passengers in great danger.

You must correctly assess the damage to the windshield at a specialized service workshop. A repair of the crack obviously costs much less than a replacement of the entire windshield, so do not postpone it until it is too late. Normally, the repair can be done if the crack is less than 12 cm in length, or with the diameter less than an average coin. When the damage is more extensive or interferes with your visibility, you do not have to drive the car anymore until you fix it.


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